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Four short years ago I was introduced to the amazing world of mosaic art by a friend in a friend's backyard, cutting plates and attaching the pieces to a clay pot.

What fun we had!

Not realizing where that day would take me, I decided to pur chase some tools and tile and begin the long road of learnin g this new craft. I was instantly in love!

In 2011 I traveled to the Mediterranean with my best friend and was heavily influenced by the famous artist Antoni Gaud i, who inspired me with his whimsy, creativity and beautiful p ieces of art. They are truly amazing.

While on vacation in Florida in 2013, I was introduced by pho ne to a fellow mosaic artist who was looking to retire and fin d someone to whom she could pass on all her immense inve ntory of mosaic materials and supplies. With just a few phot os and a short phone call I was on the next available plane t o Alabama where her studio was located.

Upon arrival and seeing everything available, I was instantly i n mosaic heaven! I stayed for a week to play and learn as mu ch as I could from her.

That time with her really opened my eyes to just how much there was to experience about this “perfect art of imperfection” I c all it. At the end of that week, I loaded everything up into a 16' moving truck and drove back to California.

Abandoning my living room, I opened my first studio in Vista, a city of San Diego, California.

Since then the business has grown immensely and I have moved into a new home in Murrieta, California that facilitates my m osaics classes and a much larger, multi-room studio.

Troi's art has been displayed in many art shows and community events, including; Gallery shows at the Merc in Old Town Temecula, Incline Village, the Washol County Library in Lake Tahoe, the “Temecula Has Heart” and “Because Nice Matters” community projects, as well as a fundraiser event for the Kindergarten class at St. Patrick's in Carlsbad.

Troi often spends time with other well known mosaic artists which allows her to expand her understanding of what's possible and pass that knowledge onto her students.

I invite you to embrace your creative side and explore this beautiful art form, I am very happy to share it with you!